Poster: TIM
Steve and Pete,

I really want to thank you for the work you did on my 69 Z28. When we first started this restoration project I wasnít sure if I was going in the right direction, but after the first week of visiting SP Classics on a daily basis I knew I would have the car of my dreams and be within my budget. You guys allowed me to be totally involved in the restoration process and really listened to what I wanted to do to the car. I and my buddies have been so impressed with the quality of your workmanship, you wouldnít believe the comments I hear at my local cruise nights and car shows. The level of detail is really unbelievable. You either replaced or refurbed every single nut, bolt and part on the entire car! I noticed that you not only painted the steering box the correct factory color, you also clear coated it to prevent future surface rust. You guyís are running a very professional operation that really makes us crazy car nuts feel like we have found a home. Thankís again and get ready to freshen up my 73 Z28
Poster: GUY
OK here's the real deal. How many people have a business like this? SP Classics is located on the border of Nassau and Suffolk County, so it's convenient for everyone. All they do is Classic Muscle Cars, and Street Machines, and they do it very well! You can't go to Oak Beach, Bellmore Train Station, K Mart or Kohls without seeing at least a dozen cars that were worked on by Steve and Pete. They just expanded their shop to Double the size, in just a year! They even did That work themselves! I defy you to find a cleaner shop by walking in at anytime off the street. They are always busy, but are willing to accommodate everyone, and get the job done right in the shortest time without sacrificing quality. If you car went in slow, trust me, it's coming out Fast! Take a look at the cars they have done, either at the cruise nights, or in their extensive photo book. If you worry about leaving you car somewhere, you don't have to with them. Small blocks to big blocks, auto's to four speeds, dash conversions, just to name a few. Give them a call. the immortal words of Pete, when your car is done, and is as twice as fast as it was, "Drive it like you hate it". Thanks guys for a job well done.
Poster: Brian
Hey Guys, I went to the LI Custom Car and Bike show last weekend and really enjoyed looking at all the different cars. The S/P cars were the real deal. The quality and detail was unbelievable. I especially liked the black Chevelle, is it for sale? The black chevelle and the blue Nova were best of show for sure.
Poster: Tom
I just want to thank Pete and Steve as they have helped me out with my 90 Ford Mustang on several occasions. Axles swaps, electrical wiring,tranny install, and some sick detailing. They are some of the best that I have ever seen when it comes to fine detail. They don\'t miss a beat with detail and creativity. Even though my late model BLUE OVAL didn\'t quite fit in they did the right thing by me.
Thanks again guys for all your assistance and input on my project.
Poster: phil
The quality of work done by Pete and Steve is
second to none. Their professionalism and
attention to detail is excellent. When finished with
my 57 Chevy, I was extremely happy with the
finished product and would not hesitate for a
second to recommend them to my friends. Thanks
again Steve and Pete.
Poster: Ron
I've known Pete for over 15 yrs (the old ATV days) and he has always done top notch work with the cleanest wiring I have ever seen. My '70 Cutlass is far from a show stopper but is a nice cruiser. The care and craftsmanship that Steve & Pete have put into is nothing less than top notch. I would not hesitate to recomend them for all your performance needs.
Poster: Andy
Steve and Pete,
Awesome job on my 67 chevelle. I cant believe how much fun it is to drive. now that you changed it from an automatic to a manuel 4 speed. The job you did was very impressive. I love doing business with someone who takes pride in what they do. Thanks again
Poster: Anthony
Where do I begin?? I did'nt know these 2 guys from a whole in the wall. I cgot fed up looking at my car rotting away year after year, I saw there shop from the train and theree business cards hanging up in the local deli. I decided to call and they were at my office in 5 minutes and had a flat bed picking up my 1969 camaro within the hour. Before I could say go they had my car stripped down and off to body and paint. They then guided me in picking out what parts were necessary to turn this car that I have owned since I was 19 into the car I've always dreamed off. They completed my car and I was speechless. I put my trust in these guys hands and the gave me back my dream. I could not imagine my car coming out any bettter than what I got when Pete pulled up to my office with my car finished and ready to go. I can't say enough about Pete and Steve, but all should know these are 2 stand up guys that I am proud to know. The guys I have met through hanging at S/P are a great bunch of people that I look foward to seeing week after week, you can't help but feel the comorarderie from the minute you walk in. Thanks for everything guys. Hey, Rob my Shafiroff pal we gotta watch out, my greek friend is sneaking up from behind!!! 1000hp and a TKO???? nah!
Poster: Sneaky Pete..
Anthony my Chevrolet friend has been relentlessly trying to make me purchase a muscle car and after years of ball busting he has finally succeeded. I purchased a 69 Chevelle and after seeing firsthand the work that Pete and Steve from S/P Classics did on his then dilapidated slow piece of shit camaro i was truly amazed.So i ofcourse immediately brought my car to S/P. I can't wait till it's done. I can't wait to see my friend Anthony's face from my rear view mirror. After all the call me Sneaky Pete.
I have patiently waited counting down the days for Anthony to finish his car and let me say this. Anthony you are in trouble. You think you were speechless when your car was completed... Well prepare to be speechles once again when i leave you in the dust. You could take that huge Shafiroff and stick it you know where. It's totally useless on a car with tires that don't grip.
Hey Pete my mini tubs come in yet? Oh and do you know where i can buy Jet fuel?? HAHAHAHA!!!!
Poster: Donnie
Hooray S/P Classics,
Yo Steve and Pete!!! What can I say? I delivered you guys a car (1969 Camaro) that I\'ve owned for 35 years, was stored in my garage for the last 30 years and totaly imobile. Basicaly it was a piece of SH--. You assured me you could take this Buffalo Chip and bring it back to life and bring me back to the Good Old Days. That was no lie. You gave me back a BRAND NEW CAR that has magazine quality, as can be seen in S&K and Long Island Rides Magazines, (April 2008 editions). The best part of all is that you gave me HIGH QUALITY WORK, completed in 4 months (2 months under the estimated delivery date) and a totaly FAIR and REASONABLE price. Who\'s better than you guys. As I started this letter, \"WHAT CAN I SAY\", but all the thanks in the world.
Donnie \"G\"
Poster: Andrew Copertino
WOW again these guys did an amazing job on my '67 Chevelle. Last year they did the transmission and just recently they changed the rear end and now my car is near perfect. I am so glad that Pete and Steve are in this business because it is very difficult to find ANYONE with the experience, Knowledge and mostly the CARE that these two guys put into their work.My next step is for them to change to a larger motor. Cant wait and looking foward to it.
Poster: Ed
I have met Steve at a local car show and was very impressed over hearing him talk about his work. I plan to do bussiness with them in the future and being a car guy for over 35 years and tons of expierence I found the real deal guys which are not mechanics but truley aristist's nice to know you found pro's and not some Ya hoo's know what i mean...........
Poster: Rick
I have known Pete for over 15 years and he has personally worked on all my cars. You will not find better quality work or the dedication he provides. He and Steve together push out some of the finest machines I have ever seen!
I am a repeat customer at S&P Classics because Peter and Steve treat my car with care and do quality work. I have never been disappointed after they worked on my í69 Chevelle and itís had many upgrades over the last 3 years. I had my motor upgraded twice, my transmissions changed twice, the interior and engine compartment detailed and the dashboard rewired, plus a bunch of other odds and ends. My car went from a tired 396 to an ass kicking 540 Shafiroff. Peter always seems to know what I want done to my car before I ask for it. Both Peter and Steve work clean and pay attention to detail which is what Iím looking for. I think if you live on long Island, or anywhere in the USA you would be nuts to bring your car anywhere else.
Thanks boyz!!
Poster: CraigRamAirGTO
Pete & Steve, You made my Little GTO 5-speed, Morser rear 373 and Disc Brakes on all 4 corners amazing. Yes, your work is excellent, I'll give it 110‰.
Thanks guys, Craig
P.S. You make a 20yr old ha ha[Tongue], dreams come true.
Poster: John
I am so pleased with my 70 Chevelle afte bringing it to Pete an Steve, I had seen a few cars they did at an auto show an am so glad I took my car to them it performs so much better an looks great, I wouldnt bring it anywhere else!
Poster: Bruceee
Pete & Steve, Thank you both for all of your time and effort with helping me in regards to the purchase of my 70 Chevelle SS. Your representation of the car, and the quality of the vehicle far and away exceeded all of my expectations. Never did I believe that I would someday own such a quality piece of American Muscle. As the car slowly emerged into the MONSTER it is, I was totally blown away - All the exterior is absolutely beautiful, and the interior, well what can I say -\\\\\\\"PERFECT\\\\ \\\". The engine bay is spotless! When I start this Modern American Muscle Machine it sounds, and looks like a BEAUITFUL WEAPON - \\\\\\\"All I dreamed it would be\\\\\\\". Once again, Pete & Steve thank you for everything! You guys are absolute ledgends.
Poster: RUSS
To the boys @ S/P Classics
I just had my engine and engine bay compartment completely detailed on my 1967 Chevelle. The engine compartment had 40 years of grease, sludge and rust build up. I want to tip my hat to the boys, because my engine bay now looks brand new!Some might say better than new. Excellent job!
I am a very happy camper.[Very Happy] Your hard work and show car detail is the best around.
Thanks again Pete & Steve
Poster: Laura
Let\'s see I have known Peter for about 48 years. He is my brother & a very special one. He built me my first car back in 1978, it was a 1972 GTO that he dug out of a snow drift. Well I must say that this thing was a real pos (piece of shit). Did not have a running engine or working trans. & had the body of an 80 year old! Well this car was completely restored for my high school grad. present & let me tell you that I had the most awesome kick ass car in the school. [Tongue] I left many guys eating my dust & smelling rubber back in the day! [Confused] I have so many fond memories of this car & my brothers dedication into restoring it for me. I am very proud to have him as my brother & his work & dedication is totally outstanding! [Very Happy]
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