We have grown up during an amazing time and experienced first hand the 60's, 70's, 80's muscle car era that gave us the

in-depth knowledge of GM supercars, muscle cars and pick-up trucks.  We have literally hand built hundreds of Musclecars, Hot Rods and Classic cars throughout the years and know which parts work and which don't work. We do not experiment with parts on your project. Before changing any part on your classic car we test to see if the existing part is defective before replacing, which in-turn saves you money, time and stress.  S/P Classics of Amityville takes the guess work out of repairing your pride and joy ~ striving everyday to get you back on the road, wind in your hair and enjoying your life.

We tend to each project ourselves because we love what we do. Our ability to strategically plan and execute the modification is our specialty. We strive to achieve the correct muscle car stance, correct hot rod sound in every project we touch.

Our vast experience allows us to use shop time precisely - there's no time to drag our feet on any project because there are many other classic car owners that are waiting their turn. See our galleries to view over 1,000 photos of the many cool completed projects.

We aim to give your car 100 percent of our attention when in our shop. When we are hired to build a car, we thoroughly inspect every aspect of the project to assure that the end product is the same or better than the day it rolled off the assembly line.

S/P Classics Muscle Car, Hot Rod and Classic Auto Builders
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About the 1960 Corvette Cover Photo

S/P Classics Muscle Car, Hot Rod and Classic Auto Builders

S/P Classics Ltd Is owned and operated by Steven McCrory and Peter Colasanto, a hobby turned business, we specialize in building high quality muscle cars & street machines. 

Our mission; Doing what we love to do and being good at it. At S/P Classics we pride ourselves on building our customers cars as something we would be proud to own ourselves. We have proved it time and time again, with hundreds of builds under our belts from only a two man shop !!!


 At S/P our customers will benefit from a properly planned and executed build or upgrade, we don't second guess what works and what doesn't. We have been told many times by our customers that an S/P car stands out in a crowd, just by looking at the engine bays, the cars stance, tire and wheel fitment, and just the way it comes together. An S/P car will be safe and reliable, run stop and perform well. If you are considering having work done please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you !



Steven McCrory, Peter Colasanto

West Hampton Dragway in New York 1968

The 1960 Corvette cover photo was taken in 1968 at Long Island West Hampton drag way, the name of the car was “The Enforcer”.

Danny Dilorenzo owned the car he ran C/G class, Danny rented a garage across the street from my parent’s house in North Massapequa, Long Island –NY. Every Sunday when I was 10 years old I would wait for his El Camino to pull up. I would spend my day with him working on Vette setting it up in for the track. No kid had a better education in hot Roding than me. Danny would have Sunday dinner at my parent’s house. He was part of the family, over the years, I have owned and built many muscle cars and in 2005 S/P classics was born. It was time to do something that I always loved, and a major part of what I do today goes back to the days in Massapequa in that garage with my old friend Danny.

By Pete of S/P Classics LTD